4. Time Periods for Each Expression for the Intellect’s Object

Note [1]

Intelligible (1252-73)

Not-Ens et verum quodlibet (1266-68)—Not-formas Platonicae separatas a materia (1266-70)—Not-immaterial substances (1266-68)

Not-God (1252-68)—Not-Angels (1256-68)—Not-God’s essence (1256-68)—Not-quidditas divina et ipsum esse (1271-72)

Not-intelligible species (1269-73)—Not-singulars (1256-69)—Not-Phantasms (1252-69)—Not-Phantasms, sed res cuius est phantasma (1256-59)—Not-Act of knowing (1252-56)

Ens et essentia (1252-56)—Ens (1252-72)—Ens et non ens (1252-56)— Intelligible ens (1259-68)—Ratio entis (1266-72)—Ens universale (1266-68)—Ens possibile (1252-56)—Actus totius entis (1252-68)

Esse (1265-66)— Habens esse (1252-68)—Esse rei et veritas (1252-64)—Intelligible esse (1269-72)—Ipsum esse subsistens (1266-68)

Ens et verum (1252-70)—Ratio entis et veri (1252-68)

Ratio veri (1252-72)—Veritas (1252-71)—Verum (1252-73)—Verum et falsum (1265-72)—Verum is bonum intellectus (1256-68)

Ens cum ratione boni (1259-64)

Ens et unum (1258-59)

Ens finitum (1265-72)—Finite participation in esse (1271-72)

Quid (1252-59)—Quidditas (1252-68)—Quidditas simplex (1266-68)—Quod quid est (1252-73)—Quod quid est, not sensible (1256-73)

Quidditas rei (1252-73)—Quidditas rei materialis (1266-70)—Quidditas rei sensibilis (1256-70)—Quod quid est rei (1266-72)—Definitio rei (1269-71)—Essentia rei (1252-72)— Corporal nature (1256-59)—Natura rei (1269-73)—Natura rei materialis (1266-68)—Naturas cum esse in materia individuali (1266-68)—Substantia rei (1252-64)

Forms (1252-64)—Forms abstracted from Phantasms (1258-59)—Forms in matter (1266-68)—Corporal forms (1252-56)—Intelligible forms (1252-69)

Nature (1266-70)

Substantia (1252-73)—Created substance (1265-67)

Angel’s essence (1266-68)—Substantia separata (1259-64)—Naturas non in materia existentes (1266-68)—Forms sine materia subsistens (1266-68)

Universals (1252-72)—Aliqua natura universalis (1256-59)

Intelligible species in act (1252-56)—Natura of species (1256-59)—Intellect itself per intelligible species (1265-70)—Phantasms (1252-70)—Phantasms intelligible in act (1259-64)—Phantasms sicut colores (1256-70)

God (1252-70)—God’s esse (1259-68)—God’s essence (1252-68)—Verum primum (1259-64)—Bonum divinum (1267-70)

[1] For expressions that are used at least two times by Aquinas.