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Message of Hope

The Words of Pope Benedict XVI in the United States 


Message of Hope gathers together the impressive words Pope Benedict XVI imparted during his U.S. pastoral visit in April, 2008. To help readers absorb and understand his profound message of hope the book also includes questions “For Study and Discussion.”

A pastoral visit of this kind should have lasting impact. Thought-provoking questions “For Personal Reflection” help readers put the Pope’s words into practice and so become the “people of hope” he has called us to be.

“I myself have been confirmed in hope by American Catholics. In fact, I found great vitality and the determination to live and witness the faith in Jesus." —Pope Benedict XVI, post-visit comments at the Regina Coeli, April 27, 2008

The Pope came with a message of hope, offering us an optimistic vision of the Church. He spoke of a “new springtime” of Christianity in America, foretelling a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit mirroring that of the first Pentecost. He drew on all the positive elements of American culture, such as our love for freedom, our respect for civil rights and for diversity of religious expression, and our generosity in aiding those impacted by natural catastrophes. — From the Introduction


"Pope Benedict ROCKS!!!" 

— Consensus of 25,000 Young People in Yonkers, New York 

America and the world need this message [of hope]… In a world where some invoke the name of God to justify acts of terror and murder and hate, we need your message that “God is love…” In a world where some treat life as something to be debased and discarded, we need your message that all human life is sacred.

President George W. Bush, Welcoming Address

[On] the day of your ordination as a priest…, you might have found it hard to imagine then that you would stand before all humanity as a teacher, a statesman, and the shepherd of more than a billion souls. That is what God has called you to do… 
 your wisdom and your pastoral gifts have been extraordinary blessings to our world. In these six days, you've shared those blessings very directly for the people of the United States. Your presence has honored our country…, your words and the memory of this week will stay with us.

--Vice President Dick Cheney, Farewell Address