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Couples In Love

Straight Talk on Dating, Respect, Commitment, Marriage, and Sexuality

ISBN: 0-8245-2130-7


A great book for all young couples, parents and teachers. Incredibly honest dialogues between a young couple and a Catholic priest. The conversations touch on all issues related to dating, building a relationship, and deciding on one's vocation. While the two young people bring up questions and doubts about traditional sexual ethics, Father JP wonderfully succeeds making the background and rational of Catholic teaching understandable.

In his dialogue, Couples in Love, Father John Waiss presents the truths of the Catholic tradition about love, sex, marriage, and family in an innovative and attractive way. Innovative because he uses a personalist philosophy inspired by the work of Pope John Paul II to explain the truth about human sexuality. Couples in Love, attractively presents these truths through a discussion involving "Father JP" and a young couple consisting of a Catholic woman named Margie and Sam her secular, Jewish boyfriend. The three of them discuss a myriad of issues:

  • Is sex for bonding, babies, or both?
  • Is Christian morality 'negative'?
  • What sexual activities support truly human relationships and which do not?
  • How do the biological and social differences between the sexes play a role in romance and passion?

Father JP combines the spirit of a philosopher, the insight of a theologian, and the practical sense of a mother.

-- Dr. Christopher Kaczor

Professor of Philosophy at Loyola Marymount University

  Reviews and Testimonies from Readers

Couples in Love is truly a great piece of work. It is the best compilation of ideas on the subject that I have ever read... I particularly found the conversational style between Sam, Margie and Father JP to be a very refreshing and helpful way to get through the complicated psycho-spiritual issues. As a war-torn veterans of the spiritual struggles of matrimony, Louise, my wife and I could still take red and yellow highlighters respectively and use them to delineate the lines of the book that we are still waiting for the other to fulfill. The book would then be very colorful. To read a book like this at 22 would have helped us both to avoid a lot of trouble. It will be a great blessing for many young people.

--Brian Murphy, Chairman, God's Plan For Life

Congratulations on an EXCELLENT book! You hit the nail on the head with this one. You hit all the key points, and in a way I think that is very accessible to young people, single or married. I think everyone over the age of 12 or 13 ought to read it. I can think of 5-7 key "opinion-maker" friends of mine I would love to give a copy of the book: e.g., the director of youth ministry for the diocese of Galveston-Houston, the couple who run the Couple to Couple League in Houston, a lady pediatrician in Houston, etc. Keep up the good work, and pray for the fruit of the book in Houston!

--Dr. Bill Hogan, Houston

Your book is very well written and the concept is absolutely wonderful -- especially for women. I put in on my coffee table and a friend was visiting; she picked it up and could not put it down. She mentioned to me that she has a lot of girlfriends who NEED this book, really NEED this book. (She is Christian, not Catholic, and does not know how to communicate this self-respect to men.) As you know, we (Catholics) have been taught this from childhood, so for us, it's a reminder, not a new idea or approach. You captured the gender conflict -- how most women fall for the romance and immediate acceptance forgetting that committed love takes years and grows with maturity. Bravo! There is such a need! After you saturate the parishes, you must do outreach to reach these other women, especially young women at the college/university level and young women starting out in the workforce. They/we need it desperately -- so many have lost their way and are suffering. Many thanks.

--Kate (Los Angeles, CA), Screenwriter and author

I have never seen such delicate issues so clearly addressed in print anywhere else... As I read, I kept thinking "Thank God I'll have something to give my children to read on this subject when the time comes."

--Tom Spence of Spence Publishing Company

I absolutely loved the format... incorporating John Paul II's theology of the body with such apparent ease --this version could be entitled "Theology of the Body for Dummies"

--Joanne K (Great Falls, VA), housewife and mother

Such a fantastic resource for such a critical issue in our modern world. My husband and I are so grateful for priests willing to stand up and speak about this fundamental issue to marriage and family today. We can't thank you enough!! You are an encouragement to our own NFP ministry. If only every NFP couple could get a hold of your book. We will certainly be recommending it to our couples.

    --Kate Sell, Living Bread Radio

I LOVED your book. I am teaching an adult formation course on the Theology of the Body in between Masses on Sunday at my parish. I will be highly recommending it to the people who attend. I gave a copy of the book to my Pastor. He has been reading other books on the Theology of the Body. I have no doubt that he will love your book primarily due to its format of a priest counseling two individuals considering marriage. He has repeatedly said that he wished that he had been taught this at the seminary 35 years ago. He says that he has learned so much about what his gift of celibacy means now. He said that back then they were told that to be celibate meant not to look or touch the opposite sex. He now realizes that his gift of celibacy means SO MUCH MORE.

--Jeff Schwehm, Convert, Author of Sowing the Seeds of Chastity

I've read... your book, Couples in Love, and found it very useful, not only for young people, but also for priests and educators who are trying to explain the doctrine of the Church on these matters in an attractive way.

--Rev. Raphael Camano, priest

 As I read more of your book my heart continues to soar with joy at your message and it's presentation. You are a true master of presenting the Church's teaching in all of it's well-reasoned truth.

–Dave Sloan