To Order Autographed Copies of Fr. John Waiss' Books

  1. Copy and Past the message below into your email client
  2. Fill-out form
  3. Email to: 
  4. When I get your email I will respond with PayPal instructions.
  5. I will then send you autographed copies of the book. Please give name to whom the book is to be dedicate, and the message you prefer. If you make up your own, I may alter it at my discretion.

Quantity     Book Title                                                         Price + Shipping & Handling

____         Born To Love                                                                 19.95 + 3.95

____         Couples In Love                                                             19.95 + 3.95

____         Letters Between a Catholic and Evangelical             19.95 + 3.95

____         Message of Hope                                                             9.95 + 3.95

Name of Person(s) to whom book(s) are to be dedicated

1. _________________________________

2. _________________________________

3. _________________________________

4. _________________________________

5. _________________________________

Choose a Suggested Messages for: 

Born To Love
   ___ "May Christ shape our hearts into an image of his."

   ___ ________________________________________

Message of Hope
   ___ "May the Pope's words bear much fruit in your life."

   ___ ________________________________________

Couples in Love
   ___ "May Our Lady of Pure Love bless you and make your love fruitful" (for married couples)
   ___ "May Our Lady of Pure Love lead you to find true love in THE LOVE" (for a single person)

   ___ ________________________________________

Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical
   ___ "Let's pray that we may become one in the Truth."

   ___ ________________________________________